Good woman must not be body guard or be guarded so that he may save his trip as he likes.> Therefore, you should know how stupid bad ugly evil U.K. official showed to you out of their Palace Door. Good woman must not hire any one or be hired by any one, must not have body guard or be any one's body guard; therefore, if you are good woman, you must not follow anyone becuase evil minded acting like a body guard, if you are good woman, you must not have body guard like 台灣房屋 the movie "Body Guard" showed that hired to guard Whitney Houston. China Communist is lawless, Godless, their female dressed animals actress, singers may have their brothers, dad, uncle or whoever has major bloody connection with her to hire body guard for her, woman who believes in God must not have that naive or stupid to do like that. You all need to know Chinese told 看房子 "Boo(t).Jean.Jer.Tway", stupid or naive cannot stay there long, either "Jean.Rule" good better best , or "Tway" fall into bad ugly evil doers. This may explain how come I can be good in US only. Because US government sees me as citizen watching me like watching anyone who acting speaking writing posting commenting like me equally. The only difference is citizen's persoanl doubt, you trust your 新成屋government, you feel safe and protected; you disown yourself like stupid bad ugly evil Taiwanese may have had feels, you think you are spyed, bothered out of mind. Good man may not ever have the fear to see God like MouJerDong had showed, Good woman must always find God's love sooner or later. Therefore, lawless Godless communist may have good man like MouJerDong, cannot ever have good woman who can be good enough to see God. Without 廬山住宿real good woman to match up, no matter how good a man may be, he cannot have the right view to see things through to get the right way to lead. Therefore, if you live in communist place, you must not have any more birth, your woman better all die immediately, because the earlier she dies, the less deep she sinks. Therefore, parents and government officials must tell kids not to knock any unknown doors, because you don't know anyone's heart good enough to be bothe 廬山飯店red by your kids's sucks; you must not allowed your kids especially girls to become whatever stupid bad ugly evil so called girl scout's tools to profits from her sucks. Woman must not go to knock anyone's door without emergency needs; man must go to woman only for professional duty or be moved by his loving heart beat. God loves all of us unconditionally, therefore, no matter how stupid bad ugly evil we may be, God loves us the same. I just hope Woman needs to know that 廬山溫泉 every one of her has her supposed sweetheart, however, it takes every one of her to be good enough to have faith in God to get every one's right match up, in order to help every one to get the right one, every one of her needs to wait and see and choose the one who come to her indeed fits her heart, and in order to get the best opportunity to meet her sweetheart, she must not trap herself in any working place, because the more she expose herself in working place, the less chance she can have the pure love t 花蓮旅遊o meet her size, woman needs to know that she's partial of her sweetheart, her sweetheart is her whole heart, therefore, she must not work out of her home if she indeed want to have God's bless to have her sweetheart. Yes, without God's bless, no woman can have her sweetheart, because all man is fool, without God's bless all man can only follow the low lower lowest, no good woman can have the force to get any fool man to keep her inside his heart. Therefore, I realized how come when I was a little girl, I 花蓮民宿liked to crash snail and earthworm to feed the ducks, so that they can become as duck form when they come again to have better life freely float on the river, walk on the land or fly a short while. Therefore, I realized how come Arabs encourage to eat beef, so that we may have more big strength man like Socrates "Ren.Loud.Ren.Yuan" take whatever his "Her.Dong.Sh.Hold"; how come India like to eat Pork, so that we may have more lazy bone like "Chu.Good.Liang" to help the man to see through the "Whore.Sway". No matter his name is Socrates or Chu. 吉安民宿Good.Liang, he cannot save his country from following the low lower lowest, therefore, for yourself's happiness and better future, you all must not have any more birth, so that all humanbeing can free flying floating around the world, all animals can live under natural luck. Remember, starve to die is the best way to leave, only man cannot have that freedom to leave. Animals can all choose that freedom path if they afraid to be eaten up.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 花蓮住宿  .
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